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Point Commission Info.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 18, 2011, 5:03 AM
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24 FEBRUARY 2014
10.25 PM

General Information
♥ Only 2 slots are available (for now)
♥ If the slots are full, you'll have to wait until one slot is free again.
♥ You can NOT reserve a slot. 
♥ Do NOT give me points until I've accepted to take your commission.
♥ You can check the slots out at my profile page. 
♥ Questions about the prices or what I do draw or don't draw can be asked at this journal or via note.
♥ Commissions can take up to 2 months to be done. It really depends on the difficulty of the commission.

Asking for a commission
NOTE me if you want a commission. Comments about this matter at this journal, my profile page or gallery, will be ignored.

♥ Please mention the following things in your note:
 What character and give some references (the more the better)
 What kind of commission you want
   - Lineart (headshot, half body, 
¾ body);
   - Headshot + transparent or simple background;
   - Half or ¾ body + transparent, simple or complex background;
   - Full body + transparent, simple or complex background.
 What kind of colouring style you want 
   - Cell shading;
   - Soft shading;
   - Cell + soft shading.
 What kind of drawing style you want
   - Yu-Gi-Oh!;
   - TMNT;
   - My own style (… )
● What kind of background you want 
   - Transparent;
   - Simple;
   - Complex.
♥ Payment should be done after I've accepted to take your commission. Please do so within 24 hours, else I won't give you the slot.


:PC: .Lyra. by Els-e:PC: .Katherine. by Els-e

Only headshot, half body & ¾ body
140 :points:

Headshot + transparent or simple background
Kiri by Els-e:PC: Asuna Fudo by Els-e

150 :points: (1 character with transparent background)
160 :points: (1 character with simple background)

Half or ¾ body + transparent, simple or complex background
:PC: Amy-Oh by Els-e.New Year's Eve. by Els-e:PC: Kumoru Amanohara by Els-e

170 :points: (1 character with transparent background)
180 :points: (1 character with simple background)
190 :points: (1 character with complex background)

I do not draw
♥ Shotacon / Lolicon
♥ Yuri / Yaoi
♥ Hentai / BDSM themed pictures
♥ Sadism
♥ Hate art
♥ Vehicles
♥ Mecha / Robots
♥ Furries
♥ Sonic (X) related characters (gijinkas are alright)
♥ My Little Pony characters (gijinkas are alright)
♥ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (human-looking Duel Monsters are alright)
♥ Digimon (gijinkas are alright)
♥ Pokémon (gijinkas are alright)
♥ Muscular characters (that includes DB(Z) characters) (I will draw TMNT characters though)
♥ 2 or more characters 
♥ Characters I dislike