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QUIZ RESULTS April-September 2014

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 2, 2014, 12:57 PM

♥ 8 September 2014 ♥


The winner gets a free commission. Either lineart, headshot (each kind of background possible) or half/¾ body (each kind of background possible). For the DOs and DON'Ts watch my Commission Journal:…




1.      What is the shipping name for Atem(u)/Yami YugixEtsuko?

a. KizunaShipping  
b. DestinyShipping
c. UnmeiShipping
:bulletgreen:d. PortalShipping

2.      What is the shipping name for Atem(u)xEshe?

a. DestinyShipping
b. UnmeiShipping
c. SacrificeShipping
:bulletgreen:d. BequeathShipping

3.      What is the shipping name for LeonardoxIzanami?

a. EmpathyShipping
b. BlueShipping          
:bulletgreen:c. BlacklightShipping
d. CompassionShipping

I love how almost every one picked BlueShipping XD As for the shippingname that is right, Commonly blue and revealing creating things which cannot be seen under average light. Leo and Iza are like that towards each other. And maybe one time where they are romantically under blacklights? Hidding behind a closeby club? Blacklights and all? And how Leo explains how they would be like blacklights to one another. In common light, they sorta get each other, but under blacklight, they see certain things.

4.      What is Izanami’s phobia?

:bulletgreen:a. Autophobia (fear of being alone or isolated of one's self)
b. Atychiphobia (fear of failure)
c. Asthenophobia (fear of fainting or weakness)
d. Achluophobia (fear of darkness)

5.      What is Etsuko’s phobia?

a. Algophobia (fear of pain)
b. Acrophobia (fear of heights)
:bulletgreen:c. Trypanophobia (fear of needles or injections)
Astraphobia (fear of thunder and lighting)

What is Etsuko’s English dub name?

a. Ella Allen
:bulletgreen:b. Elisa Atkins
c. Elizabeth Adams
d. Emily Anderson

7.      What is the attack of Alliance Magician called?

a. Flare Blitz
:bulletgreen:b. Raging Fire Blast
c. Oblivion Fire
d. Blast Burn

8.      What town did Etsuko live before she moved to Domino City?

a. Shimonoseki
b. Kunisaki     
c. Kudamatsu
:bulletgreen:d. Iwakuni

9.      How old is Etsuko when she gets her first child?

a. 21
b. 22   
c. 23
:bulletgreen:d. 24

10.  How old is Etsuko when she starts dating Atem(u)/Yami Yugi?

a. 16
b. 17
c. 18
:bulletgreen:d. 19

11.  What is Ryota’s favourite food?

a. Spring rolls
:bulletgreen:b. Sushi
c. Gyoza
d. Tuna

12.  What colour is Aito’s first electric guitar?

a. black 
:bulletgreen:b. blue
c. green
d. red


I would like to thank everyone for participating ^_^


:iconladynori: 7
:iconcrystal-venice: 9
:iconhotaru10join: 2
:iconk-hibiki: 9
:iconoceanfairie:  7
:icongoddessirene: 3
:iconnedapl: 5
:iconnataliethehedgehog20: 4
:iconssjgarfield: 6
:iconac3-cecilia510: 4
:icondigidestinedazukia: 6

We have two winners again this time!
Congrats :iconk-hibiki: and :iconcrystal-venice: ^_^ Please note me what prize you would like.

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~Journal~ October 2014

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 13, 2014, 3:20 PM

Point Commission info.

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 28 October 2014

Yay a new Journal entry at last XD So how have you all been?

To those that are still waiting for their prizes to be finished, I'm really sorry it is taking so long. The last four months of the year are pretty busy for me with national holidays, birthdays and game releases coming up one after another. Nevertheless I will try my best to finish them this year. 
I'm also working on Christmas gifts in the main time. 

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Point Commission Info.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 18, 2011, 5:03 AM
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General Information
♥ Only 2 slots are available (for now)
♥ If the slots are full, you'll have to wait until one slot is free again.
♥ You can NOT reserve a slot. 
♥ Do NOT give me points until I've accepted to take your commission.
♥ You can check the slots out at my profile page. 
♥ Questions about the prices or what I do draw or don't draw can be asked at this journal or via note.
♥ Commissions can take up to 2 months to be done. It really depends on the difficulty of the commission.

Asking for a commission
NOTE me if you want a commission. Comments about this matter at this journal, my profile page or gallery, will be ignored.

♥ Please mention the following things in your note:
 What character and give some references (the more the better)
 What kind of commission you want
   - Lineart (headshot, half body, 
¾ body);
   - Headshot + transparent or simple background;
   - Half or ¾ body + transparent, simple or complex background;
   - Full body + transparent, simple or complex background.
 What kind of colouring style you want 
   - Cell shading;
   - Soft shading;
   - Cell + soft shading.
 What kind of drawing style you want
   - Yu-Gi-Oh!;
   - TMNT;
   - My own style (… )
● What kind of background you want 
   - Transparent;
   - Simple;
   - Complex.
♥ Payment should be done after I've accepted to take your commission. Please do so within 24 hours, else I won't give you the slot.


:PC: .Lyra. by Els-e:PC: .Katherine. by Els-e

Only headshot, half body & ¾ body
140 :points:

Headshot + transparent or simple background
Kiri by Els-e:PC: Asuna Fudo by Els-e

150 :points: (1 character with transparent background)
160 :points: (1 character with simple background)

Half or ¾ body + transparent, simple or complex background
:PC: Amy-Oh by Els-e.New Year's Eve. by Els-e:PC: Kumoru Amanohara by Els-e

170 :points: (1 character with transparent background)
180 :points: (1 character with simple background)
190 :points: (1 character with complex background)

I do not draw
♥ Shotacon / Lolicon
♥ Yuri / Yaoi
♥ Hentai / BDSM themed pictures
♥ Sadism
♥ Hate art
♥ Vehicles
♥ Mecha / Robots
♥ Furries
♥ Sonic (X) related characters (gijinkas are alright)
♥ My Little Pony characters (gijinkas are alright)
♥ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (human-looking Duel Monsters are alright)
♥ Digimon (gijinkas are alright)
♥ Pokémon (gijinkas are alright)
♥ Muscular characters (that includes DB(Z) characters) (I will draw TMNT characters though)
♥ 2 or more characters 
♥ Characters I dislike